Digital printers Roland

TrueVIS VG-640 / VG-540

With the new TrueVIS VG Series, we didn’t just make a few
upgrades to our print/cut technology - we reimagined everything. New
Roland DG FlexFire print heads that deliver beautiful prints more
efficiently. New inks that are more vibrant and cost-effective. New
cutting technology that increases accuracy. New tech to communicate with
your existing phones and tablets. And so much more. The future of
print/cut has arrived.



TrueVIS SG-540 / SG-300

True Colour. True Quality. True Value.

Build an unbeatable business with the TrueVIS SG Series printer/cutters.
The SG-540 (1371 mm) and SG-300 (762 mm) deliver Roland DG’s renowned
quality, reliability and cutting-edge features, at an exceptional price.
Representing an exciting new era in outstanding colour vibrancy and
advanced print and cut functionality, the TrueVIS SG Series includes
user-friendly new features to optimise your wide format print
Whether you’re just starting out or wanting to expand the profitable
range of products you offer, the TrueVIS SG Series can help you get to
where you want to be.